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This site is run by Michael Burch, 17 Kildare Avenue, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 5NE
Telephone: 01473 749525 or Mob: 07956 244659

Personal Information

The only piece of 'personal information' collected that may be identifiable as belonging to a person is the email address. A valid email address is required by users who register to submit their wedding service business details. The registered user 'account' email address submitted does not need to be a business email address, you can use any email address including personal email address.

This email address will be used by Book Your to manage the administration of your account and business listing, which may include updating the user with information regarding account maintenance and services provided. This registered user email address is stored in a database on a computer / server as provided by the hosting company

Business Contact Email Address used for Advert / Listing

You can enter a different Contact email address for your Wedding services or wedding product Advert using the add listing form or modify listing form.

Business Contact Email Address

You can enter a Contact email address for your wedding website listing using the add listing form or modify listing form. The email address is used for the customer enquiry form and is not displayed on the business listing on and is intended to be used as a means of contact for your business by potential customers. Payment for business listings can be made online, BACS or using a cheque. Please note that when a business lising has been paid for and is live on the website for more than 7 days, we cannot offer a refund.