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Wedding DJ
by BK the DJ

I'm sure most people have heard that a good or bad DJ can make or break just about any event. So it really pays to do your homework and know what to look for when you go shopping around for a DJ for your special event.

It never ceases to amaze me that most a people will pay more attention to, and be willing to spend more money on, other aspects of a typical event; such as catering, photographers, venues...etc. But when it comes to the DJ; the source of entertainment; the person that is going to be responsible for all the announcements, introductions, and overall tempo of the event; it becomes almost an afterthought.

After all when it's all said and done just what do you think people are going to remember the most about the wedding, anniversary, birthday or whatever event it was that they attended? Sure they'll remember how beautiful the bride looked and how nice the ceremony was. But will they really remember and think fondly about the food that was served....well maybe, if it's that good or the photographer that was taking pictures? I don't think so. But what they will remember, is the good time they had dancing to all their favourite tunes.

They will remember that the DJ created a fun, festive atmosphere; that they were compelled to dance to the great music that he or she played. They'll remember that this DJ welcomed and actually played their request. That he/she was all over the place interacting with the guest; making them feel important by including them in the festivities, and making him or herself accessible to them. That is, if you hired a true professional DJ; that knows how to organize and run a party.

These attributes (and more) are all important aspects of being a good DJ and entertainer. So what does it take to find the right DJ for your important event? It takes knowledge and understanding of just what a DJ does, or better yet; should do in order to make any event a fun & memorable experience for all those in attendance. You should always ask for, and check references (word of mouth is also good).

Equally important, is to personally interview and get a feel for the person that is going to DJ for your event. Do not shop or hire a DJ solely on the basis of price. I know it's so cliche` to say this, but in this business, as is true for most products & services.....you get what you pay for.

Another important thing that a good DJ should do for you, is help you plan and organize your event. For example, the planning for any announcements, introductions, and most importantly the timing of all the above. The DJ should provide you with either paperwork or online tools for making a outline of the chain of events that happens at most functions. Sort of a guideline for the DJ to follow; as well as to communicate any needed info to the other vendors such as the caterers, photographers, and staff at the venue. He should also be able to share any unique knowledge and creative ideas he has with you based on his years of experience. If he's been in this business for a while, and done many different types of events, then he should have all kinds of thoughts on this matter; and be willing to share them with you. Speaking of paperwork; make sure you get everything in writing. Any true professional DJ will provide you with a contract. Spelling out the date, time, price and other agreed upon specifics of the event.

An event such as wedding is just too important to cut corners when it comes to an area where most of the focus (aside from the Bride & Groom) is going to be directed to. On that same note, a good wedding DJ should control & direct most of that focus not at himself,but towards the Bride & Groom. After all, it is their day and the very reason why everyone is there to begin with; therefore they should be the focus of all the attention.

So do yourself a favour, do your homework and know exactly what it is your looking for in a DJ for your special event..

If your going to pinch pennies for your reception; the entertainment is the one thing you should not skimp on.

BKtheDJ are an entertainment company that are based in the Cheltenham area, they provide services from Lighting through to full discos, They also offer other services such as bouncy castle, popcorn machines, candyfloss machines and more.. If you would like to get a quote please call 07584070865.

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